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Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

Matthew Ashimolowo has been the Senior Pastor of KICC since 1992. He has a dynamic gifting to combine his calling as a Pastor and teacher, with the roles of mentor, businessman and spiritual father.

During more than 30 years in the ministry, Pastor Matthew has given countless people the spiritual and practical foundation on which to successfully build their lives. An inspiring visionary, Pastor Matthew launched the UK’s first church-owned television channel, KICC TV, and his television and radio ministry Winning Ways is a source of inspiration and deliverance for the millions it reaches across the globe.

His visionary leadership and vision to raise champions and take territories birthed KICC Canada, one of many KICC International branches.



Dr. Dayo is a prolific teacher of the Word, thought leader, coach, and an accurate dissector of the Word. A trained medical doctor, inventor and innovator, Dayo brings with him years of priceless experience working with young people and inspiring them to become achievers. In the immediate past, He served as Youth Pastor & Director of music.

His teachings infuse engaging humour, while retaining theological depth. He is passionate about excellence, and raising global influencers in ministry, entertainment, media, and in governance. He is a sought-after conference speaker both in church circles and in global healthcare innovation circles.

His current mission is to raise a generation of young kingdom giants, thoroughly equipped to influence Canada and the world.

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